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Waiting list process

When a Matterhorn Ultraks Race is sold out, you can still register on a waiting list. 

Each time an existing registered runner renounce to race, the first person on the waiting list will be registered.

Here is the process to join the waiting-list:

  1. Create an MSO Account (
  2. Send an email to with the relevant information needed to register you:
  1. Upon receiving your email, MSO will send you a confirmation that you are on the waiting list.  
  2. As soon as you are eligible to register for the race, MSO will enter your and send you an email indicating the ways and means for payment.
    You’ll then have two weeks to pay or you will be considered having given up your registration and be deleted from the entry list and waiting list without further communication.

NOTE : the two weeks deadline for payment may be shortened as we approach the race. The email will indicate the exact deadline.