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The insurance is independent from the Race organisation. 

Please follow the process described here:

Registration is exclusively online, as for all races, subject to availability. 

A common mistake is that parents forget to create a personal MSO account for their child. 

You have to send your request by email to specifying the race you are registered for, the one you would like to enter and your estimated time of completion for this new race. 

As stated in the Rules and Regulations, going for a shorter distance does not trigger any financial compensation. 

On the ohter hand, going for a longer distance implies the payment of the difference between the fee paid and the current fee for the new race. 

In order to be able to take the part to the « EXTREME » race, you must have some mountain experience.

To evaluate this experience, the organisation's mountain guides will base their evaluation on your answers to the questions below. Their decision is final.

If you have any doubts when answering the questions, we recommend that you turn to one of the other Matterhorn Ultraks races. 

In case of rejection, you will be guaranteed a starting slot in one of the other races of the event or a refund.


I certify that I can be autonomous in the high mountains, off-trail in bad weather and/or fog conditions.
Moreover, I took good note of the time barriers.


  • I completed an edition of the « EXTREME » within the time limit set by the organisation.
  • I was accepted for the 2020 edition of the « EXTREME » race but was not able to participate.
  • I have already finished one of the following races:
    Tromso (NOR), Kima (ITA), Glen Coe (GBR) or Pirinenc Els 2900 (AND).
    Please specify the year, race time and position.


  • I have already climbed the following summits in the summer. (name a maximum of 3 summits)
    Please specify with or without guide.

           Note: The summits must be of rocky or mixed type (rock/ice). 
           Snow or ice summits such as Mont Blanc are not taken into account.

The following or equivalent summits/runs will be considered:     

  • Matterhorn Hörnligrat
  • Lagginhorn Normalroute
  • Weisshorn Normalroute
  • Zinalrothorn Normalroute
  • Besso Überschreitung
  • Nadelgrat
  • Täschhorn Mischabelgrat
  • Alphubel Rotgrat
  • Obergabelhorn
  • White Tooth
  • Eiger Mittellegigrat
  • Schreckhorn
  • Lauteraarhorn
  • Aguille Dorées Überschreitung
  • Grand Combin Meitingrat
  • Ecandies tips Überschreitung
  • Monte Viso Normalroute


I have already completed the following via ferrata (name maximum 3 vias):
Please specify the difficulty (K1-K6).

What is your climbing speed in metres per hour?
Note: a speed lower than 800m/hour makes it difficult to respect the time barriers. 

Direct your request by email to precising the following details of the new person:

  • FirstName Name
  • Birth date
  • Nationality
  • Gendre
  • Full Address
  • EMail
  • Mobile Number
  • Emergency mobile number during the race - link with the person (parent, spouse, friend...)
  • Expected race finish time.
  • T-Shirt Size

The request must come from the person who is already registered.

From Friday to Saturday, trains between Taesch and Zermatt are going 24/24. 

From 5:55 am until 7:55 pm, they leave every 20 minutes at 15, 35 and 55.

Trip duration is approx. 12 minutes. 

Complete schedule can be viewed here.