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Individual cancellation and refund situation

The race being maintained and in spite of the postponement of the ACTIVE race to Sunday, article 7.3.3 of the complete rules and regulations applies. 

So if you wish to cancel your participation, here are your options:

  1. You find a replacement who will take over your race number. This transfer is free of charge.
    We must then receive from the person who transfers his or her race number the new person's full contact details, including mobile number, estimated running time and T-shirt size. Also make sure that the new person has an MSO account.
  2. Definitely cancel your registration (You must then confirm to us that you wish to definitively cancel)
    In this case, when and if the race is complete and your bib is taken back by a person on the waiting list, a refund equal to 75% of the registration fee paid will be made for withdrawals registered up to and including April 29, 2020 and 50% for cancellations made up to July 31. 
    Due to circumstances, the date of 29 April extended to 15 July 2020. 
  3. If you have taken out an insurance policy, then you have to make a declaration directly to it via the email msoannulation©
    The complete process is explained here.

Thank you for your attention. 


  • Waivers are taken into consideration in the chronological order of receipt of an email addressed to
  • Reminder: You will be reimbursed only if an athlete takes back your bib.