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Dear Runners,

Since March 21st, we have been hopeful that we will be able to organise our race on the scheduled date of August 21 and 22, 2020.

Following last week's statements by the Federal Council, some of you are surprised that we can still envisage holding the race.

However, the favourable development of the pandemic on the one hand, and the implementing regulations of the directives on the other, give us reason to believe in a favourable outcome.

It is indeed possible to extend the race over the whole weekend, i.e. including Sunday, and that is why we are in the process of submitting our homologation file for the race to the cantonal authorities.

Although we are not sure that it will be accepted, we feel it is important to do everything possible to offer you your race, as long as it still reflects the values associated with the Matterhorn Ultraks.

We ask for a little more patience, as we keep the deadline of 50 days before the race (July 2nd) to make a final decision.

We wish you and your loved ones a good deconfinement

Stay fit, stay safe.

The Ultraks Team


Last update: 2 June 2020